Monica Bellucci Cosmetic Surgery - Plastic Surgery Disasters News

Who does not know Monica Bellucci? This beautiful woman is the wife of famous actor Vincent Cassel, today 47 years and is still one of the most beautiful women in the world. For years, she has received numerous awards thanks to its plastic and beautiful little face.

Superlatives are not enough for the queen of beauty in the world, as well as the Indian sculptural Aishwarya Rai. it is a natural beauty but recently the beautiful Italian has no complaints to his body, spoke of the possibility of cosmetic surgery in the medium term. It may well be the most beautiful woman in the world, time does its work and Monica Bellucci wants to stay as beautiful in years to come. Even today, she is the face of many brands of clothing and cosmetics as Bompard Cashmere example.

Cosmetic surgery is a practice that even the most beautiful women in the world think. While some are natural beauties, others are less so but the result is often the same. Between the breasts, buttocks, stomach, nose, or a facelift, many operations are possible to find a second life easily. Check with your local experts in order to know the rates and a pre-plastic surgery.

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